Bestselling novelist Jack Engelhard (Indecent Proposal) has produced a heroic work of literature. This is a superb, gutsy novel. The Bathsheba Deadline is a newsroom thriller ripped from the headlines. The present day action takes place in a Manhattan newsroom where three leading journalists find themselves caught in a sizzling three-way love triangle that may lead to murder in the Middle East (Israel). You will never forget Jay Garfield and you absolutely will never forget Lyla. Politics and sex mixed in with the war on terror provoke life-and-death rifts within the editorial staff. Journalists with the power to influence public opinion have lost their neutrality and have taken sides. Readers are taken behind the scenes and into the newsrooms where they are shown how headlines are made and often manipulated to favor one side over another. Media bias usually against Israel? Read all about it in Engelhard’s stirring pages. The war for survival in a New York City newsroom mirrors the clash of civilizations here, in the Middle East, and around the world.

“A rousing thriller about clashing ideals, clashing moral standards, and clashing civilizations. The Bathsheba Deadline is a page-turner with much more than just entertainment (although it delivers that in abundance); it is an insightful, courageous look inside the headlines. Bravo, Jack Engelhard.”
– Robert Spencer, author

“Engelhard writes with the sparseness of Hemingway and the moral intensity of I.B. Singer.”
– Michael Foster, author

“Jack Engelhard is a writer without peer and the conscience of us all.”
– John W. Cassell, author of Crossroads: 1969


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