Dear Editors: Now Can We Spill The Beans?

By Jack Engelhard

Congratulations to all those across the Non-Fox News media landscape…The New York Times, NPR, CBS, NBC, ABC et al…you got your man comfy back in the White House, so now you can tell it like it really is. That is, after years of lies and evasions, you can tell the truth for a change.


It’s okay. It’s safe. He’s in like Flynn. The truth can come out wherever it is.


From the moment your man came on the scene you covered for him at a loss of your integrity and your editorial judgment. You forgot rule number one; tell a story from both sides. You stopped being journalists. You became shills and hucksters and snake oil salesmen. By suppression and by deception you kept us in the dark.


By perversion and by distortion you kept us stumbling eyes wide shut. By hook and by crook you fixed your headlines to favor one man, one argument. By cunning and by mockery you slandered his opponent. By flagrant dishonesty you failed us and you failed yourselves upon your duty to keep us informed… and nothing is more dangerous than a population that receives propaganda in the guise of news.


Fox News Behaving Badly?


By Jack Engelhard


The Obama administration has found the enemy and it is Fox News. The New York Times and CNN got it straight from the lips of White House communications director Anita Dunn who revealed that, “We’re going to treat them [Fox News] the way we would treat an opponent.”


Hello Lady? The press is SUPPOSED to be an opponent! That’s why it’s called the Fourth Estate, to keep a sharp eye on the other three Estates, executive, legislative, judicial. Nowhere is it written that the press shall collaborate with the government; quite the opposite if my reading of Thomas Jefferson is correct: “The only security of all is in a free press.”


Ms. Dunn, obviously speaking for Mr. Obama, accuses Fox News of being a branch of the Republican Party. This can only mean that the White House finds no such sinfulness among all the other networks, which suggests that the rest of them are branches of the Democrat Party. I’m not saying this, she is (if not in so many words).


Yo, Glenn Beck, Cool It On New Jersey!

By Jack Engelhard


I caught your show on Fox the other day, the one where you removed New Jersey from the map and I guess I was supposed to laugh but I didn’t. This is where I live and it’s as fine a place as any other in the Unites States of America – and maybe even better. Yes, I scan the headlines, too, so I know about all the arrests. I know there’s corruption.


Hello? From state to state, where isn’t there corruption? I could pick any state – the rest of the 49 – and name names but I won’t so as not to insult the good people who live there and who have nothing to do with pay-to-play. Where to begin? Pennsylvania, which just got through sentencing that man Fumo? New York? Does the name Eliot Spitzer ring a bell? North Dakota? How about Rob Blagojevich?


Let’s not even talk about Louisiana and Illinois.   


Sorry to be mentioning some names but I just couldn’t help myself – though, if pressed, I could mention even more.


Sotomayor, Fox News and GOP Malaise

By Jack Engelhard


Those of us who tuned in for a slugfest were disappointed and went back to cutting the lawn. This was no Ali versus Frazier. There were no thrills. Even Fox News abruptly turned off, literally, and returned to regular programming so that Shepard Smith could get himself excited about the Murder of the Day. Only one person gave it some spice, on Fox, and it wasn’t a senator; it was anchorwoman Megyn Kelly. I’m nuts about this lady.


Yes, I know the howls at the mention of Fox News, but come on, Roger Ailes knows how to pick the right people (except for Geraldo) and how to keep stories moving.


Obviously, ratings were taking a dive. CNN took the hint from Fox and began easing off those hearings as well. News – especially on television – needs a plot, needs a narrative, needs good guys and bad guys, needs to entertain, needs drama and this simply wasn’t good television, never mind good theater.


There’s nothing to say about Democrat questioning since those guys are already sold on Sonia Sotomayor. (Amazingly, Al Franken was best of the rest.)


But just for the fun of it, we wanted some action from the Republicans.


When a hockey game gets dull, there is always someone from the stands who yells – “Hit somebody!”