Charlie Sheen, Tough Guy (With Women)

By Jack Engelhard


Tough guy – eh?


Back in my neighborhood a guy like this, like Charlie Sheen, would have some explaining to do. We’d escort him out back into an alley to show us how tough he really is – how tough he is by picking on someone his own size. We’d have him put up his dukes against a guy, not a girl.


We drew the line in my neighborhood. Mothers, daughters, sisters, girlfriends, wives, all women, were off limits.


Crooks Out, Crooks In (JFK To Obama)

By Jack Engelhard


Count me in on this honeymoon. I’m thrilled that what we have before us is our first African-American president. The politicking is done. I’ve had my say, you’ve had yours, and you won. I am reconciled. Besides, he’s cool, he’s hip. What’s not to like – as of the moment?


Reminds me of JFK. John Kennedy was exceptional for the dream, the glamour, the romance.


Never mind the politics.


In a few months Barack Obama will be in office and as Americans we have no choice but to root for him. We’re all in this together.


Has fate given us a man who is destined to fulfill the promise of JFK? Was it prophesied that Obama is to pick up where Kennedy left off? God asked King Solomon: “What shall I give you?” Solomon could have asked for power and riches but he asked for “an understanding heart” by which to rule the people. Nothing more. (Power and riches followed.)


That’s a good place to start for Obama as well – for the sake of all of us.