Feasting on Israel, Condi Forgot Russia

By Jack Engelhard


She can’t kick the habit. For some it’s drink, for others it’s tobacco, but for our secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, it’s Israel. The figures I get show that Condi visits Israel about once every two months – and it’s not for fun in the sun. On her trip to Israel in May, she insisted that Israel must hand over its “vital strategic assets” to Arab sovereignty.


To many of us, Israel is itself a “vital strategic asset,” and maybe that’s exactly what the lady had in mind so far as what to “hand over.”


Condi can’t help herself. She wants Israel on a platter. Israel, of course, is always ready to give. Like Trenton — Israel Makes, The World Takes.


Just the other day Ehud Olmert released some 200 terrorists just to prove how high he’ll jump when Condi says “jump.”