Employees Must Wash Hands

By Jack Engelhard

I’m not perfect either but I’ve got to say, people are tough to take.

At the diner where I had breakfast this morning, the sign in the Gents room said, “Employees Must Wash Hands.” That’s a sign we find everywhere.

My cat knows to wash her hands after doing her business. People have to be told. We call this evolution? Maybe Darwin had it backwards.


Hemingway’s Olympics

By Jack Engelhard


Here’s Hemingway as told to A. E. Hotchner:


“They shot a lot of our good guys in the war –but the beauty of our country is that there’s a good guy born every minute.”


That’s for sure.


Hemingway disputed Gertrude Stein’s flapdoodle about a “lost generation.” He found replenishing generations in his own time and even in our time. Surely and prophetically he was speaking about the “good guys” fighting for us in Iraq and Afghanistan and standing guard for us around the rest of the world.


Whenever we get to despairing about “the youth” of our country, here they come again, another generation of stouthearted men and women.


Where do we find such kids? Don’t know. But know this: God keeps on blessing America.